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Kirkstall Precision Engineering’s Greatest Hits 2! Check out our textile and oil testimonials

At Kirkstall Precision Engineering we pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to different sectors. That’s why we are the trusted supplier to a wide range of companies in the medical, veterinary, oil and gas, textile, automotive and safety critical sectors.

Through the leadership of our Managing Director, Adam Thornton and Operations Director Iqbal Bahia, we go above and beyond to ensure high-standards are maintained and even the tightest of delivery schedules are met.

These efforts o beyond financial and growth rewards. They do the single most important thing to any business… enhance and maintain our reputation. As highlighted by the two testimonials we have pulled out below:

“For almost 10 years, Kirkstall Precision they have supplied and supported our business with precision parts for both product development and production. Adam, John and rest of the staff are a pleasure to deal with, a highly skilled team in terms of their engineering and manufacturing know-how and capability, innovation and flexibility. Kirkstall’s on-time delivery and quality track record sets the bar high for other sub-contract engineering and precision manufacturing companies. As a result, they have long been and will remain a preferred supplier for a large range of our requirements.”

Claire Allen, Supply Chain Supervisor, Zilift

Zilift are experts in the oil sector at creating downhole pumps and regularly use our precision engineering expertise for replacement parts.

Another of our valued clients is, James Heal, they are the market leader in the design and manufacture of precision testing solutions and support services within the global textile industry.

“James Heal have worked closely with Kirkstall Precision since 2009 and together we have grown the partnership making Kirkstall a highly respected and valued supplier of ours. Our spend has increased from £16k pa to £200k pa over the last 10 years covering anything from mall pins to much larger more complex items.

We know we can trust Kirkstall 100% which is of the upmost importance. Their quality is second to none and the service is professional, reliable and friendly. They know our products and the precision required and we know they will bend over backwards to help us when necessary.

We have worked with other subcontract machine shops in the past who have failed on delivery and quality on numerous occasions and in such a fast-paced environment this is not acceptable for us.

Kirkstall have helped us to streamline our processes making everyday tasks much simpler and more efficient for both parties and I would recommend them to any business looking for a long-term sub-contract machining supplier.”

Elaine Taylor, Buyer, James Heal.

If you’d like to join the long list of satisfied customers that are on Kirkstall Precison Engineering’s books, then simply contact us.