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Kirkstall Precision Engineering’s Greatest Hits! Check out our medical testimonials

At Kirkstall we value people. Not just the people who work for us or supply us, but the people we deliver projects medical projects to. We value their feedback immensely, after all, reputation is directly linked to business success, and we are here to ensure every project we deliver is of exacting standards in precision engineering across a wide range of sectors, from medical to automotive and oil and gas.

Here’s some recent feedback we have received from several clients in the medical sector that we wanted to share with you.

“Tecomet chose to list Kirkstall as a Preferred Supplier due to the high quality of both product and service, combined with flexible attitude and rapid response to our needs maintained throughout our relationship.

Kirkstall have consistently delivered a high-quality product, complete with full QMS DMR requirements as required. When technical or manufacturing problems have arisen, they have worked with us as a team to resolve issues, maintaining good communications throughout the process. This combination of flexibility and adaptability is valuable to our business.

Kirkstall have a commitment to quality and continuous improvement which shows through in the way they have adapted to changes in the medical device supplier business, and which serves to differentiate them from other suppliers in the same field.”

Jim Truscott, Director of New Product Development  at Tecomet

Tecomet have been a valued client of ours for a number of years and we are proud of the high-end precision engineered medical devices we have supplied, and continue to supply, a truly innovative client.

Silony Medical are also a valued client of ours, their Senior Engineer, Chris Gowland, sent us the below:

Why we choose Kirkstall Precision.?

“Kirkstall Precision are very well-established manufacturer of Medical Devices & have a vastly diverse experienced workforce. They are comfortable with simple components right through to complex assemblies due to their comprehensive capabilities encompassing Turning/Milling to more challenging aspects such as deep drilling & EDM. Also there is confidence throughout the process start to finish with dedicated expertise on finishing /approved welding/ heat treatment even cleaning & passivation all in one Workshop.”

The value/benefits Kirkstall Precision adds to supply chain as a partner.

“Kirkstall Precision has a first class quality system and expertise with DMR and ISO 13485 coupled with seasoned experienced team from the medical device environment, this is invaluable when dealing with purchasing/QA, again this gives you fills you with confidence.”

What we believe differentiates Kirkstall Precision from other suppliers.

“In summary a mid-size company with vast experience but always forward looking and striving to modernise and stay ahead of the game, yet with the flexibility and a warm friendly approachable demeanour, always a pleasure to work with.”

We’d love to add your company to our growing list of glowing testimonials. To find out more about us, please get in touch with our MD Adam Thornton or Operations Director Iqbal Bahia.