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The significance of team away days in medical device manufacturing

Recently, Kirkstall Precision Engineering (KPE) embarked on its annual away day, choosing the immersive setting of Escape Hunt in Leeds as the backdrop for a day of team building and camaraderie. In the intricate world of medical device manufacturing, where precision and collaboration are paramount, KPE recognises the pivotal role of such events in fostering excellence and unity among its team members. 

The importance of customer visits in growing Kirkstall Precision’s medical device manufacturing reputation

In today’s fast-paced, digitally-driven world, Kirkstall Precision Engineering stands out by embracing a more traditional and profoundly impactful approach to business relationships through in-person customer visits. This commitment to personal interaction is especially vital in our niche field of medical device manufacturing, where precision, trust, and detailed understanding are key.

10 Reasons to be optimistic about UK manufacturing in 2024

As the new year unfolds, Kirkstall Precision Engineering is poised to explore the bright prospects of UK manufacturing in 2024. This year promises to be a defining one, marked by significant advancements and opportunities that herald a new chapter in the sector’s evolution. In this blog, we’ll delve into ten compelling reasons that are shaping our optimistic outlook for the future of UK manufacturing. 

The importance of ISO:13485 in medical device manufacturing

At Kirkstall Precision Engineering, our commitment to these principles is embodied in our adherence to ISO:13485 standards. This internationally recognised certification is not just a badge of compliance but a testament to our dedication to delivering medical devices and implants of the highest calibre.

Kirkstall Precision Engineering: Four Exciting Career Opportunities

At Kirkstall Precision Engineering, we’ve been at the forefront of innovations in medical devices and implants manufacturing. Our continued growth and achievements in this area are a testament to our commitment to excellence and precision. As we look ahead to further solidify our position in the industry, we’re on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team. Explore our latest career opportunities below:

Kirkstall Precision Engineering: Operations Manager Vacancy

At Kirkstall Precision Engineering, we are more than just a name in precision engineering; we are a dynamic force in medical devices and implants manufacturing. Our continued strides in this arena underscore our commitment to innovation and quality. With solid growth trajectories in the medical sector, we are excited to pave new paths in precision and excellence. As we bolster our presence and footprint in the domain, we’re actively seeking individuals who resonate with our ethos and vision.

A Year in Review: Celebrating Jeremy Wisner’s Journey at Kirkstall Precision Engineering

At Kirkstall Precision Engineering (KPE), we take great pride in our team’s accomplishments. Today, we shine a spotlight on one such achievement: the one-year work anniversary of our dedicated Planning Manager, Jeremy Wisner. His relentless dedication to his role is marked by an incredible 200-mile round trip three times a week – a true testament to his commitment to KPE.

Introducing Clare Firth, Kirkstall Precision Engineerings new QA/RA Manager

We are delighted to welcome Clare Firth, our new QA/RA Manager, to the Kirkstall Precision Engineering family. Clare’s appointment brings with it an invaluable depth of experience, a strong focus on improvement, and an undeniable passion for quality assurance. To provide a glimpse into the dynamism she brings to the table, we had a sit-down with Clare to discuss her career, her goals, and the drive that motivates her.

Kirkstall Precision Engineering receives Make UK Engineering Apprenticeships: Employer Kitemark Accreditation

Kirkstall Precision Engineering has recently been recognised as a top employer for engineering apprenticeships in the UK, awarded the prestigious Make UK Engineering Apprenticeships: Employer Kitemark Accreditation. This honour is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence, an attribute that has been meticulously fostered within their Engineering Apprentices.

Kirkstall Precision Engineering: CNC Technician Apprenticeship

Kirkstall Precision is the leading precision engineering sub-contractor to the global medical instrumentation sector. When you join our company, you will become part of a fast-paced and dedicated team that works together to provide our customer with the highest possible level of service and quality without compromise.

2022 Kirkstall Precision Engineering Year End Review and looking ahead to 2023

2022 witnessed the aftermath of Brexit and the continued impact of Covid on elective surgeries and its impact on our business. We experienced a positive effect in the growth in sales orders and a negative effect on the availability of raw materials. These supply problems were due to demand as the world’s economy reopened after the pandemic and the lack of global production capacity during the pandemic.

The importance of people in the future of precision engineering

We have always recognised as a business that what comes out of our despatch areas is only as good as the people who walk in through the doors every day. That’s why we have always recruited the best, enhanced our people with training and ensured that whatever we engineer or manufacture, it is always done with the right mix of people and technology.

What the Kirkstall Precision team love about precision engineering and manufacturing

We’ve been interviewing a lot of candidates recently for a wide range of positions we have available at Kirkstall Precision Engineering. As well as some seriously talented and experienced candidates, one thing that has captured our imaginations (and a major thing we look out for in our people) is how passionate they are about precision engineering and manufacturing in general.

Supporting Leeds Manufacturing Festival 2022 and helping young people discover a rewarding career in engineering.

Earlier this week we paid a visit to the launch of the Leeds Manufacturing Festival. This is an initiative that celebrates the continuing strength of West Yorkshire’s manufacturing industry as it emerges from the challenges of the pandemic. It also highlights the range and depth of career opportunities on offer for young people with the right skills in the sector.

Kirkstall Precision Engineering passes ISO13485 audit with flying colours

Kirkstall Precision Engineering’s ability to provide medical devices, and related services, which have consistently met customer and applicable regulatory requirements, has long been a mainstay of our core business ethos.

As we are governed by medical regulatory requirements every 3 years, we must undertake a 5-day re-certification audit for our ISO13485 standard. The ISO13485 is an internationally agreed standard, which sets out the requirements for a quality management system specific to the medical devices industry. 

The Kirkstall Precision Engineering 2021 year in review and year ahead

Compared to 2020, 2021 has certainly been an improvement for us all, whether it be in your personal or professional lives. Saying that, it’s still been a year filled with unique challenges posed by the global pandemic and Brexit.

It was a year that saw our team return fully to the Kirkstall Precision Engineering site and remain incredibly disciplined in their adherence to Covid guidelines. The strict measures we put in place, and our people embracing following them, meant our employees protected both each other, our customers, and our business.