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The importance of ISO:13485 in medical device manufacturing

At Kirkstall Precision Engineering, our commitment to these principles is embodied in our adherence to ISO:13485 standards. This internationally recognised certification is not just a badge of compliance but a testament to our dedication to delivering medical devices and implants of the highest calibre.

Kirkstall Precision Engineering: Four Exciting Career Opportunities

At Kirkstall Precision Engineering, we’ve been at the forefront of innovations in medical devices and implants manufacturing. Our continued growth and achievements in this area are a testament to our commitment to excellence and precision. As we look ahead to further solidify our position in the industry, we’re on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team. Explore our latest career opportunities below:

Kirkstall Precision Engineering: Operations Manager Vacancy

At Kirkstall Precision Engineering, we are more than just a name in precision engineering; we are a dynamic force in medical devices and implants manufacturing. Our continued strides in this arena underscore our commitment to innovation and quality. With solid growth trajectories in the medical sector, we are excited to pave new paths in precision and excellence. As we bolster our presence and footprint in the domain, we’re actively seeking individuals who resonate with our ethos and vision.

A Year in Review: Celebrating Jeremy Wisner’s Journey at Kirkstall Precision Engineering

At Kirkstall Precision Engineering (KPE), we take great pride in our team’s accomplishments. Today, we shine a spotlight on one such achievement: the one-year work anniversary of our dedicated Planning Manager, Jeremy Wisner. His relentless dedication to his role is marked by an incredible 200-mile round trip three times a week – a true testament to his commitment to KPE.

Introducing Clare Firth, Kirkstall Precision Engineerings new QA/RA Manager

We are delighted to welcome Clare Firth, our new QA/RA Manager, to the Kirkstall Precision Engineering family. Clare’s appointment brings with it an invaluable depth of experience, a strong focus on improvement, and an undeniable passion for quality assurance. To provide a glimpse into the dynamism she brings to the table, we had a sit-down with Clare to discuss her career, her goals, and the drive that motivates her.