CNC Turning

Kirkstall Precision Engineering:
Specialists in CNC Turning

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Turning is a highly skilled precision engineering process that is one of many core offerings that we take pride in at Kirkstall Engineering.

We offer a wide range of the latest multi axis validated CNC Turning capabilities from turning 0.5mm up to 250mm diameter. All of our machines have the advantage of live milling stations to achieve the quality and complexity that the market can demand.

Our modern computer technology combined with our specialist machining means we can create components with the minutest detail and create exact outputs from the most complex designs.

Combine this CNC Turning capability with our lean six sigma philosophy and road-tested manufacturing processes; and you can guarantee efficient and quality manufacturing that makes you more competitive and cost-effective.

To find out more about our CNC Turning capabilities or to discuss your potential requirements, please contact us.