Surface Finishing

Kirkstall Precision Engineering:
Specialists in Surface Finishing

It may be the last step that determines the look of our precision engineering solution for you, but it’s arguably the most important. At Kirkstall Precision Engineering our finishing department have over 30 years-experience and a wide range of expertise in the following finishing technology:

  • Satin bead blasting – a well-known approach that achieves a uniform finish
  • Vibro de-burring and polishing – – vibrates excess residue and debris until any excess matter completely drops away from the product
  • Hand polishing to medical standards – to ensure the most exceptional of finish
  • Electro Polishing – Is process used to bright polish, passivate and deburr metallic workpieces, reducing the surface roughness by levelling micro-peaks and valleys so as to improve the surface finish
  • Ultrasonic surface cleaning – Is a process using ultrasound technology for precision cleaning in difficult to reach areas
  • Passivation – treating or coating a metal in order to reduce the chemical reactivity of its surface.

In addition, Kirkstall Precision Engineering work with approved, and stringently monitored, partners for additional coatings such as Anodizing, Titanium Nitride and Gold Plating.

To find out more about our Surface Finishing capabilities or to discuss your potential requirements, please contact us.