Oil & Gas

Refuelling The Future

Kirkstall Precision is where is highly recognised as a solution provider to the most challenging engineering requirements. The oil and gas industry tends to bring challenges of its own such as very tight tolerances , hard materials such a special carbides, thin walls, complex assemblies. These challenges are met head on and solved at Kirkstall Precision for the oil and gas sector. Oil and gas  components must fulfil the highest requirements in safety, reliability, and functionality as well adhering to rigorous regulatory rules , Kirkstall Precision is approved to ISO9001 Quality Standard which ensures systemised procedures are in place for full repeatability and traceability.

Designing for manufacture and manufacturing for the oil and gas industries has been in our DNA for over 20 years, We have highly specialised teams who are experienced in producing the highest quality components  where quality with out compromise is guaranteed.

Using various specialised technologies, we manufacture devices, assemblies and components, often beginning with consultation on product development, progressing to production, and then finished assembly and packaging. Many reputable companies count on our services and proudly put their logos on what we manufacture.

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