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Ready and able to help the UK Government beat Covid-19 with our 24/7 design, engineering and manufacturing expertise

For over 30 years the team here at Kirkstall Precision Engineering has had a track record of designing, engineering and manufacturing complex medical devices to tight deadlines to meet our clients’ demands.


The whole world is facing a crisis like never before. Covid-19 poses an unprecedented global challenge to individuals, politicians, healthcare workers and businesses alike. The impact on health, wellbeing, home life and the economy is like nothing any of us have ever seen. That’s why the team here at Kirkstall Precision Engineering has come together to let the UK Government and other companies know that we stand ready and able to assist in this time of international crisis.


How Kirkstall Precision is standing by and ready and able to help.


From the design and manufacture of new ventilators to even providing replacement parts to get old and broken ventilators up and running. Whether it’s one part or one thousand parts. We can react quickly like no other company to solve problems and help safeguard the health of the UK population and save lives.


Here’s just some of the things we are offering the UK Government and other engineering businesses in the country’s time of need.


·      Free consultancy: Whatever companies and the UK Government need at this time to help the health of the UK population we are offering free consultancy on design, engineering and manufacture of all kinds of medical equipment – and when it comes to medical engineering we are ISO13485 approved so understand the measures needed to have products and parts approved for medical use.

·      Rapid concept to manufacture 24/7: If any company or the UK Government needs a part or product manufacturing then the team at Kirkstall Precision Engineering are on standby to work what hours needed to get what’s needed out there and helping those in need. We have Computer Aided Design (CAD) capabilities ready and waiting and also some of the latest in high-tec precision engineering machines that regularly produce products for the likes of Johnson & Johnson and other leading Pharma and Medical institutions.

·      Total in-house precision engineering solutions for Pharma, Food and Medical: We’re a one-stop shop when it comes to delivering anything from parts for ventilators or food and pharma manufacture. And we can quickly adapt our production lines to meet the needs of any requirement.


In short, Kirkstall Precision and all its employees are on standby to help the country in its time of need. We have the skills, track record and tools to design, engineer, manufacture and deliver whatever is required to keep the people of this country healthy and safe during this international crisis.


For more information and to get the solution you need asap, contact Adam Thornton: or Iqbal Bahia at