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What the Kirkstall Precision team love about precision engineering and manufacturing

We’ve been interviewing a lot of candidates recently for a wide range of positions we have available at Kirkstall Precision Engineering. As well as some seriously talented and experienced candidates, one thing that has captured our imaginations (and a major thing we look out for in our people) is how passionate they are about precision engineering and manufacturing in general.

Passion is a quality that can never be underestimated.

We decided to check in on our people and understand their passion for what we do and engineering and manufacturing in general. First up we had to ask our star apprentice, Linus Gallagher, who had this to say:

“From the first day I stepped into work here at Kirkstall I was amazed by the diversity of what we create. But best of all, it was immediately evident that passion and experience was poured into every project. Every-one is well thought through and everywhere you turn in the business there is enthusiastic support to make you take things to a higher level and make you want to go that extra mile.”

Peter Newbould, Kirkstall’s Quality Control Manager talked about what he loves about working in this diverse sector.

“For me it’s about the improvements we are making in the world and to people’s lives. Take something like a bone screw or a hip device used for humans or animals. You can look at it as just a physical object that we make with a great deal of skill and care. But if you step back for a moment, you realise that what we are doing is vitally important to someone’s loved one or beloved family pet and that pushes you to give more.”

Our passion for all things engineering comes from the top

Our CEO Adam Thornton has worked his way up through all areas of the business. There is not one department he hasn’t had experienced, and part of Adam’s routine is to walk the floor and chat to each member of the team to check up on them and see how they are doing.

“Our people are the key to our success. Yes, maintaining machines, investing in things like 3D Printers etc is important, but ask any manager, especially football managers, and they will always talk about character. For me character is a key trait that I look out for. I want to see eyes light up when talking about tooling, craftmanship and finishing… this a fantastic sector to work in and when you are surrounded by likeminded people who share your passions it’s infectious and spurs you on to give more every day.”

Finally, we asked our Managing Director Iqbal Bahia. Iqbal has decades of experience in manufacturing and precision engineering and is a well-known name in the Leeds and West Yorkshire scene.

“Teamwork is so important. You look at any great company or successful team out there and they all share the same qualities. Look at The All Blacks and their humble nature at sweeping the floor and cleaning the changing rooms. That’s about respect. Look at Liverpool and how the players thank everyone from the cleaner to the tea lady every time they have won a game… that’s about recognising that no one is an island, and you all contribute to success.

That’s what we instil here at Kirkstall… everyone plays a part in the successful completion of every customer project so having qualities such as those I have mentioned here and what others have mentioned is why Kirkstall is a leading provider to a wide range of sectors globally.”

If you’d like to discuss your next manufacturing or precision engineering project with Kirkstall Precision Engineering, then email: