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The importance of people in the future of precision engineering

Science fiction movies have long loved to show how people are made obsolete by machines. From The Terminator to iRobot, the future is often depicted as one where humans are no longer required when it comes to the manufacture of everything from cars to clothes and more.

In act some movies go beyond that and paint a future where machines take over everything from driving us to where we need to be (Total Recall’s Jonny Cab) to even providing us with a wide range of entertainment (AI).

Already in the world of medicine we have seen robots begin to take on some surgical procedures. And more and more car manufacturers are seeing automation take over. Yet, in the world of precision engineering we would like to argue that it’s people and machines working together in harmony where the future lies.

From understanding the requirements of the world, such as talking to surgeons about how to overcome problems during surgery with specific tools, to working with inventors, musicians, veterinarians, and a wide range of other professionals to craft, design and tool solutions to a wide range of problems… there is nothing better for this than the human brain.

As you move further down the development funnel, this is where machines begin o play their part and show their value. As our MD Iqbal Bahia explains.

“Humans working in collaboration with the latest manufacturing and engineering computers and automated machines is where the true strength lies for any company. Machines can remove any ‘human error’ elements that may occur in the measuring stage and provide exact guidance to ensure exacting standards are maintained for ISO compliancy and customer happiness.”

As we look around the Kirkstall Precision Engineering business there are many areas where humans play the sole role or machines and humans work in harmony, and this has been the case for decades here at Kirkstall. As our CEO Adam Thornton highlights:

“Machines and people have been integral to us having the perfect finishing department where the human touch is so key. Yet move to our measuring area and the machine is vital in ensuring exacting measurements. It’s all about balance and playing to strengths and recognising who plays the vital roles in what areas and how our people can augment machines and how machines can also augment our people.”

Whatever the future holds in technological developments in precision engineering, you can guarantee Kirkstall Precision Engineering will be at the forefront of new technological adoption to ensure our customers get the very best. But it is also about ensuring people have a part to play moving forward.

We have always recognised as a business that what comes out of our despatch areas is only as good as the people who walk in through the doors every day. That’s why we have always recruited the best, enhanced our people with training and ensured that whatever we engineer or manufacture, it is always done with the right mix of people and technology.