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Our new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is up and running and delivering impressive results

To keep up with the demanding requirements of creating implantables and other precision engineering devices for the medical sector and beyond, we have invested a new ERP system to give us full transparency and control over all our decision making.

But such a system, given the complex nature of what we do here at Kirkstall Precision Engineering in a wide range of sectors from medical to automotive, isn’t something that you can just pick up off the shelf.

Step forward Access FactoryMaster

Access have been able to build a complete system that has given us the ability to maximise our productivity whilst minimising our costs. This full ERP software links through to our accounts package Sage, giving us control from start to finish. We have an instant ability to see what is happening in our company, what works orders are outstanding as well as what the current situation is with work in progress.

In addition, we can also connect production and scheduling together with Factory Master’s advanced planning system. By having visibility throughout the process, we are able to provide a better customer service and delivery deadlines.

The benefits don’t just stop there, though, as FactoryMaster’s stock management module comes with comprehensive stock control and traceability allowing us to manage our inventory with serial numbers, assemblies and stock takes.  Search by part number, descriptions or other criteria.  Drill down into sub-assemblies to see additional details of the manufactured product.

The impacts have been huge and beneficial

From helping us demonstrate compliance with our clients’ QA demands as well as ISO9001 and ISO13485 to better management reports and automated material ordering. The impact of FactoryMaster at Kirkstall Precision Engineering in the first month of its ‘go live’ has been huge.

And we see that these benefits will only continue, not just for us here at Kirkstall Precision Engineering, but also for our clients and suppliers too.

Here are just a few of the benefits it’s delivering:

  • We can easily identify a non-conforming part, which batch it came from, when it was produced, which product it’s been used in and where it is now.
  • Generate reports to support evidence-based decision making for continuous improvement.
  • Improved visibility gives us more control over our inventory, stock, purchase orders and works orders.
  • Create accurate, detailed audit trails throughout production, and know that First Article Inspection Reports (FAIRs) can be presented when needed.
  • Produce delivery and quality graphs and reports using standard SC21 metrics.
  • Comply with ISO13485 requirements by using the Quality Tree functionality to keep the golden thread of source information, from product specifications to POs, in a single place.

A commitment to continuing improvement

Our investment in the ERP system is just a small part of our commitment to delivering the highest standards in precision engineering no matter what sector we are working in. From investing in people (from new hires to training and apprentices) to continuing process and quality reviews, to new systems that drive exceptional levels of quality, we never stand still when it comes to ensuring only the best comes in our doors, and leaves our doors, here at Kirkstall Precision Engineering.