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Meet our new starter: Pete Newbould, Quality Manager

At Kirkstall Precision Engineering we’re very much about celebrating and looking after our people. So we thought we’d start to profile a few of them, and who better to start with than a new starter!

Hi Pete. Tell us who you are, what your role is at KP and a bit about your background?

Hi, My name is Pete Newbould, I am the new quality manager at Kirkstall Precision. I will be helping the team ensure our customers are always happy with our products, and where possible help to improve how work flows though the business.

I have been a quality manager for around 20 years, working in Aerospace, medical devices and the oil and gas industry. My engineering back ground has come from being a weapons engineer in the Royal Navy.

Why did you want to join Kirkstall Precision Engineering and what attracted you to the role?

What made me want a position at Kirkstall precision was the drive I felt from both Adam and Iqbal on the direction and improvements they see for the business. I am a firm believer that quality should bring something to the business and not be a box ticking process. I feel that I can have a good impact on the business with the improvement plans going forward.

What will you be doing in your role and why is it important for the business and Kirkstall’s customers?

As mentioned before I will be making sure that the quality of our products are perfect for our customers needs. I will be working with the team to ensure we can maintain that quality and working with our customers so we know what is required. I will also be looking at improving our systems and processes to make us more efficient while keeping the quality for our customers.

What’s your personal methodology that you bring to the role and why you’ll make it a success?

I am a very hands on quality manager, I enjoying working with teams at all levels and I am passionate about getting the quality right for the customer. I bring a lot of experience from a number of industries, working from high volume low coat products to bespoke one-off items. I am used to working closely with customers to help develop their products and internal teams to meet that expectation.

Finally, outside of Kirkstall Precision, tell us about your passions, what do you love doing?

With my partner Caroline, we own two horses. My weekend is planned around the horses, from catching up with the all the stable jobs that build up during the week to being the horse taxi and taking Caroline to competition events.

When I get a few moments to my self I am also a very keen photographer. Here’s one of my pics below: