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Medical Device Manufacturing: Navigating an Evolving Landscape – Insights from Kirkstall Precision’s Iqbal Bahia

In the fast-paced world of medical device manufacturing, leaders are pressed to not only champion innovation but to ensure meticulous delivery of trustworthy and effective solutions. At Kirkstall Precision, I’ve been immersed in these evolving dynamics, gaining both the challenges and rewards inherent in this journey.

  1. Answering Manufacturing’s Complex Calls
    Today’s Medical Developments succinctly pinpoints the challenges we grapple with: an ever-shifting regulatory environment, supply chain uncertainties, and an increasing demand for precise, miniaturised devices. At Kirkstall, we deeply resonate with these intricacies. Each instrument we craft underscores our unwavering dedication to championing both the clinician’s needs and patient safety.
  2. Treading the UK’s Regulatory Maze
    As the UK sets its own regulatory path in a post-Brexit world, understanding the essentials of the UKRP (UK Responsible Person) is pivotal. MedTech Intelligence has rightly stressed the importance of these changing dynamics. At Kirkstall, we’ve been proactive in ensuring our instruments not only achieve excellence in design but are also staunchly aligned with all regulatory expectations.
  3. A New Dawn: Collaborative Robots
    The introduction of Cobots (Collaborative Robots) at Kirkstall Precision Engineering, specifically the UR10e Cobot from WHM Robotics, heralds a transformative phase for our operations. I wish to extend my gratitude to Mark Stephenson, Richard Mawson, Christian Atwell, and Ashley McMahon for their invaluable contributions in this initiative.

Choosing Cobots was rooted in their small carbon footprint, ease of deployment, rapid configuration, human-robot partnership potential, user-friendly programming, and quick return on investment. Our vision is to bolster our capacity, employing Cobots to optimise our CNC machine tools, particularly during unmanned overnight shifts, amplifying efficiency gains for our clientele.

These Cobots are testament to how automation is shaping the future – taking on tasks that are dull, dirty, or dangerous, and allowing our human operators to focus on the skilled, rewarding aspects of their roles. Safety, as always, remains paramount, highlighted by certifications from renowned bodies.

  1. Proudly Broadcasting our Proficiency
    Engaging in platforms like Medical Technology UK provides not just a stage to display our expertise but a milieu for critical industry dialogues. These conversations enable Kirkstall’s rich legacy of over three decades to continue its trajectory of relevance and innovation.
  2. Envisaging the Path Ahead
    The insights from the 2023 Med-Tech Innovation Expo, as showcased by IMECHE, offer a promising panorama of the medical device manufacturing domain’s future. With our ever-evolving partnership framework and commitment to excellence, Kirkstall is poised to lead the charge in these exciting developments.

In conclusion, the journey of medical device manufacturing is multi-dimensional, demanding, and immensely rewarding. As the company is nominated for three awards in September at the EMA awards in London , it strikes me that this isn’t solely a recognition of my endeavours. It’s a nod to the collective commitment of the entire team here at Kirkstall Precision who strive everyday to keep us relevant in the world of medical device manufacturing.

– Iqbal Bahia