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Looking forward to This Is Engineering Day 2021

As we all know, it’s been a tough few years. And as our attention moves away from the global pandemic, it is naturally now being turned to such global issues as the climate crisis.

This year, This is Engineering Day lands at the start of COP26, when public conversations will be about what we need to do to tackle climate change and become net zero by 2050. At Kirkstall Precision Engineering the climate crisis, the challenges caused by Brexit and of course continuing to ensure we be careful to not aid the rise of a third wave are just some of the issues that are at the forefront of our minds.

Celebrate the Engineers and champion all the sectors within engineering

Engineering is such an incredibly diverse sector. We know this because we serve a wide range of them, from medical and veterinary to oil and gas, automotive and motorsport, food and pharma and more.

So, taking the time to celebrate the entire industry and help raise awareness of the myriad of things we do to make the sector more appealing to the younger generation, and showcase the great things we do in this country, is a fantastic initiative that we fully support.

Speaking about This is Engineering Day 2021, Iqbal Bahia Kirkstall’s Operations Director said: “Th UK has a shortage of young people applying for engineering courses and engineering jobs. Which is a shame because Engineering is an exciting, varied and rewarding career.

This is Engineering Day is essential in showcasing a modern image of engineering and what modern engineers do. It does this by illustrating how engineering is behind many of the things they are interested in – sport, fashion and tech for example – and that they can follow what they love into engineering, and in doing so help shape the future.”

Successfully changing perceptions

This is Engineering Day is now in its third year but has already successfully changed perceptions of engineering for young people. The campaign has already improved the knowledge amongst young people about what engineers do, and raised the status of careers in engineering among young people.

More importantly, 60% of teens would now consider a career in engineering – a significant increase on 39% of those surveyed before the launch of the campaign. The increase is even more significant among female and BAME students

That is why at Kirkstall Precision Engineering we are proud to support This is Engineering Day 2021… and 2022, 2023 and beyond!