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Kirkstall Precision Engineering Looking ahead to Medical Technology UK

Adam Thornton, CEO of Kirkstall Precision Engineering, sat down recently with Colin Martin Co-Founder and Director of Medtech Media Ltd, the organisers of Medical Technology UK to discuss the significance of the event for companies like Kirkstall Precision Engineering.

Adam’s passion for innovation in medical device manufacturing is clear as he explains the strategic importance of attending such specialised expos. “For us,” Adam begins, “it’s about being present where the future of medical technology is shaped and shared. It’s here that we not only display our capabilities but also forge connections that drive our industry forward.”

Adam emphasises the event’s role in showcasing the cutting-edge technologies and advanced manufacturing processes that define Kirkstall Precision. “Being part of Medical Technology UK,” he says, “aligns perfectly with our mission to lead in medical device precision engineering, where every detail matters, and every innovation can make a life-changing impact.”

Adam then continued, “It’s precisely this kind of event that amplifies our voice in the industry, showcasing our dedication to quality, precision, and patient safety.”

With mutual respect and shared ambitions, Adam and Colin had a discussion about the future of medical device engineering and the vital role SMEs like Kirkstall Precision play in the larger industry landscape. Their conversation is a reminder of the power of collaboration and the collective push towards enhancing the medical devices that improve lives worldwide.

Adam: “So why did you think Medical Technology UK was right for a company like Kirkstall Precision?”Colin: “Medical Technology UK is dedicated to supporting engineers, procurement professionals, and senior executives in medical device OEMs to enhance their performance by expediting the introduction of next-generation and new devices to the market.

A crucial aspect of this endeavour involves the OEM collaborating with the very best suppliers, from all tiers of the supply chain. Kirkstall Precision Engineering, with their ISO13485 accreditation, exemplifies excellence in this regard, making them a highly valuable partner in advancing medical device innovation.”

Adam: “What are the key benefits for a company the size of Kirkstall Precision in attending the expo?”

Colin: “In the UK medical manufacturing industry, SMEs constitute a significant 95% of the sector. These dynamic enterprises serve as the powerhouse, continuously challenging the status quo, harnessing the latest technology, and driving innovation forward.

For suppliers like Kirkstall Precision Engineering, it’s crucial to position themselves at the forefront alongside these companies. This strategic placement enables them to cultivate meaningful partnerships, thus contributing to the ongoing progress and advancement within the industry and their own business.”

Adam: “Do you have any success stories from companies attending and exhibiting at the expo that you can share?”

Colin: “Our exhibitor return rate stands impressively high at nearly 80% each year, a remarkable achievement by any B2B trade show standard. This exceptional rate extends to our sister event, Medical Technology Ireland, reflecting the consistent satisfaction and value our events provide for all stakeholders.

With over 70 combined years of experience in the medical technology engineering event sector, our organising team prioritises quality over everything else. From exhibitors and visitors to speakers and contractors, we focus on attracting the best in each category, underscoring our commitment to excellence in this niche, specialist sector. Quality over quantity reigns supreme in our approach.”

Adam: “What excites you about Medical Technology UK? Why did you want to create such an Expo?”

Colin: “Having been involved in organizing events across Europe, North America, China, and Japan since 1999 within the medical engineering events and publishing sector, I found it peculiar that the UK, despite being the third-largest market in Europe, lacked its own dedicated event solely focused on medical device engineering.

This realisation led to the inception of Medical Technology UK, with the aim of addressing an unmet need within a crucial UK business sector, both socially and economically. The opportunity to contribute, even in a small way, to shaping the future of our medical technology industry is incredibly thrilling.”

Adam: “What kind of businesses exhibit at MedIcal Technology UK?”

Colin: “Essentially, any company supplying products or services to the medical device manufacturing industry stands to benefit from exhibiting. While the industry is indeed niche and specialised, its needs are diverse and extensive. As a result, we attract exhibitors from a wide range of sectors, including legal and financial services, design, materials, components, manufacturing services, equipment, packaging, testing, sterilisation, and more.”

Adam: “If you were in a lift with a company owner like myself,  who is in the medical devices sector, what would you say to them to encourage to exhibit?”

Colin: “The medical device industry offers stability and consistent growth. Yet, it can be challenging to enter due to stringent regulations and long lead times from concept to volume manufacturing. Despite these obstacles, the rewards are substantial.

For businesses aiming to grow and position themselves at the forefront of the industry, Medical Technology UK is the premier event. It provides an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your business directly to those driving innovation in next-generation and novel medical devices. With a modest investment, exhibitors can seize two days of unparalleled exposure to this specialised sector, fostering valuable relationships and new business.”

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The next event takes place at: 13-14 March 2024 @ Coventry Building Society Arena