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Kirkstall Precision Engineering Champions Sustainability with Medilink UK Healthcare Business Awards in Association with Med-Tech Innovation

Kirkstall Precision Engineering, a renowned name in the medical engineering sector, recently had the honour of sponsoring the prestigious Medilink UK Healthcare Business Awards in association with Med-Tech Innovation. 

This event, a significant milestone in the medical technology calendar, recognises and lauds forward-thinking companies and initiatives that are setting innovative trails in the sector.

This year, Kirkstall Precision Engineering took great pride in sponsoring the Sustainability Award. This sought-after accolade applauds entrants who have substantially reduced the environmental footprint of a medical device through innovation in design or manufacturing.

The winner of the Sustainability Award was SageTech Medical in collaboration with Hymid Multi-Shot Ltd for their SID-Solutions. This groundbreaking product illustrates the power of the circular economy by efficiently capturing, recovering, and recycling environmentally harmful waste volatile anaesthetic gases.

SageTech Medical’s commitment to reducing the environmental footprint of medical devices aligns with Kirkstall Precision Engineering’s core values. Kirkstall has always prioritised creating effective, safe, and environmentally-friendly solutions in all their engineering endeavours. By sponsoring the Sustainability Award, Kirkstall showcases their ongoing commitment to sustainability and green innovation.

Kirkstall’s Managing Director, Iqbal Bahia, shared his pride at being associated with the event. “Sustainability is more than a buzzword at Kirkstall Precision. It’s a key tenet of our business philosophy,” he said. “We are proud to sponsor an award that recognises and encourages the same. It was truly inspiring to see so many innovative medical technologies and companies, like SageTech Medical, focus on sustainable solutions.”

Airway Medical Ltd also deserves special mention as the Highly Commended in this category. Their novel Airway Suction Devices, designed for clearing airways in both emergency and chronic conditions, set a high bar for sustainable medical technology. The company’s commitment to the circular economy is equally commendable, fully supporting a sustainable approach in all their operations.

Adam Thornton, CEO of Kirkstall Precision, highlighted the importance of promoting sustainability in the med-tech industry. “Sponsoring the Med-Tech Innovation Awards is our way of investing in a sustainable future. Every medical innovation that reduces environmental impact brings us one step closer to a healthier planet. Congratulations to SageTech Medical and Hymid Multi-Shot Ltd, and also to Airway Medical Ltd for their fantastic work.”

The Med-Tech Innovation Awards is a powerful platform that fosters a culture of sustainable innovation in the med-tech sector. Kirkstall Precision’s sponsorship is a testament to their devotion to environmental stewardship and sustainable development in the medical field.

With Kirkstall Precision Engineering’s support and the trailblazing work of companies like SageTech Medical, Hymid Multi-Shot Ltd, and Airway Medical Ltd, the medical engineering industry is taking bold strides towards a sustainable future.

Kirkstall Precision Engineering extends its heartfelt congratulations to all winners and participants of the Med-Tech Innovation Awards 2023. By recognising and rewarding initiatives that prioritise sustainability, the company continues to reinforce its commitment to the environment, ultimately inspiring the entire industry to follow suit.

In closing, Iqbal Bahia added, “We are not just sponsoring an award; we are investing in the future of our planet. We are excited to continue leading the charge towards sustainability in medical engineering and look forward to seeing what innovative, sustainable solutions the future holds.”