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Matsuura MX-330 PC10

Investing for the future: KPE purchase the 5-axis Matsuura MX-330 PC10

At Kirkstall Precision Engineer we have always held the belief that to succeed and deliver the very best in precision engineering you have to invest both in people and tools as well as ensuring you have a supportive, friendly and comfortable work environment.

Like many businesses throughout the world, the recent global pandemic has presented KPE with some challenges and we have been incredibly proud of all our people and how they have come together to ensure we were a key part of the drive to provide ventilators to the NHS.

As we move on from these challenges we again turn our eye to the future and today we are proud to announce that we have invested in enhancing our precision engineering and medical manufacture capabilities by purchasing the 5-axis Matsuura MX-330 PC10, which will allow us to offer high-precision automation and enable us to produce the most complex manufactured products in one operation.

Speaking about the investment, Kirkstall Precision Engineerings Managing Director, Adam Thornton, commented that: “We’ve had our eye on this superb piece of machinery for some time and gives us the capability to enhance the amount of products we can produce thanks to its unmanned five-axis simultaneous production.. in short this machine will push the boundaries in terms of capability, quality and precision at KPE.”

Already Kirkstall Precision Engineering have orders in that will utilise the machine and continues KPE’s long-standing capabilities and reputation in the medical engineering sector. For more information on Kirkstall Precision Engineering’s capabilities in medical engineering, contact our Operations Director Iqbal Bahia through the form on the contact us page.