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Linus at the 2022 awards

In conversation with: Star apprentice, Linus Gallagher

Recently, one of our apprentices here at @kirkstall Precision Engineering was nominated for a Rising Star Award as part of the Leeds Manufacturing Festival. We already knew Linus was a star, but it was super amazing for him to get some external recognition too, especially given his late start as an apprentice and how much he gives every day here at Kirkstall. Hard work, tenacity and dedication as well as being super talented really does pay off!

So, we sat down with Linus to find out more about hm and we hope his story inspires others who are thinking of doing an apprenticeship!

Hi Linus, let’s start by you telling us about your journey to be becoming an apprentice at Kirkstall, where did you go to school? Why did you want to do an apprenticeship?

I’m a University drop out, from school into University I was never sure what I wanted to be and struggled to find a field that really interested me. I started late as an apprentice at Kirkstall precision (I was aged 21), but I do not regret it at all, an the apprenticeship has provided a perfect relationship between work and education, where what you do at work fuels your interest to learn and become better at it.

What attracted you to Kirkstall Precision?

Within the manufacturing sector Kirkstall Precision is unique, we primarily do low batch, high precision items. For me this meant that I thought I’d all ways be kept on my feet and never have to repeat the same thing over and over. I thought Kirkstall Precision would give me a good space to learn on and keep my interested while I’m at it an I was right and I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made or where I am today.

How has Kirkstall Precision helped you grow and what are your hopes for the future?

Alongside Bradford College, Kirkstall has taught me everything I know about the manufacturing sector. I have learned manual machining, CNC EDM wire erosion, CMM programming, QC skills and a range of Quality tools. My Current aim is to become a qualified quality engineer and drive quality forward to the breaking edge of what is possible.

What do you do in your role now at Kirkstall?

Currently my primary roles are in raw material goods inspection and documentation, managing our calibration system and internally calibrating items and sending out for external calibration. I also work with the QC team to ensure that the quality of our product at Kirkstall precision truly is without compromise, and finally making sure that I’m looking forward, training in new techniques, CMM programming and learning quality tools from our quality manager Peter Newbould.

If you could give some words of advice to anyone thinking of an apprenticeship, what would they be?

I was all ways told that full time education was the way forward that if I didn’t go to University, and for me it was the wrong choice. Choosing an apprenticeship is the best way to learn and apply yourself. You get to learn and apply the information you’re learning which gives you a stronger base of experience and gives you vastly more employable skills. If you apply yourself, you can also come out after your apprenticeship with a degree and not have to deal with any of the debt.

Why should a young person consider an apprenticeship at Kirkstall?

If you’re interested in the manufacturing sector, Kirkstall Precision provides a range of opportunities and will teach you to become the best in the industry. There’s a reason why we’re so focused on apprentices it’s because it’s hard to get trained engineers in the field that can do what we require. You will learn to a higher level and come out a better engineer than if you’d just focussed on study… employers want you to hit the ground running and not have to teach you the basics.

How did it feel to be recognised as a star of the future recently?

It felt very good to be recognised for the work I’ve put in over the years. I give my all every day and try to lead by example and it felt really good for my hard work to be recognised.

What qualities do you recognise in yourself that contributed to this achievement?

I simply like to focus on what needs to be done at work. I enjoy thinking about methods to improve the company and how to apply them.

Many thanks Linus, and keep up the great work. 

If you’re interested in an apprenticeship here at Kirkstall Precision Engineering, visit our careers page to see details of our latest roles.