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In conversation: Mathew Rigg, Graduate Design Engineer.

We’ve long had a strong track record here at Kirkstall Precision Engineering of investing in young people and ensuring the future of UK Precision Engineering is bright in terms of talent. Recently we welcomed a University Graduate to the team and so we decided to sit down with him and discuss all things Kirkstall and find out why he decided to join us.

  1. Tell us briefly about you, who are you and what did you study?
    I’m Matthew, and I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds with a focus on CAD modelling and medical devices.
  2. What attracted you to Kirkstall Precision?
    Kirkstall Precision attracted me as it offered a chance to apply my CAD skills from day one in the design of medical devices, a role I believe I am strongly suited to. Having the opportunity to aid healthcare professionals – and ultimately patients – by innovating devices such as surgical tools was a primary factor in my decision to pursue the role.
  3. What are your passions outside of work and study?
    Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, reading, playing guitar, beer gardens, basketball, and Formula One.
  4. Are there any personal beliefs and work ethics that you want to bring to the KPE team?
    Within the company, I would like to be known for my dependability, dedication, positive attitude, and integrity that I aim to bring to the role.
  5. What does the future hold for you? Where would you like to be in 5 years time?
    In 5 years’ time, I would like to be taking the lead on a number of design projects as part of an interdisciplinary design team, as well as be in a position to have a significant influence on the wider decisions made by the company.
  6. Tell us more about your passion for engineering, where does it stem from?
    My enthusiasm for engineering began as a young boy growing up in a family with a strong background in manufacturing, and decided early on that I would like to pursue a career in design work. While at university, living with a medical student gave me an interest in the medical sector, and I soon realised I could effectively use my education to positively contribute to improving the lives of patients. I was also affected by the resilience and dedication of the countless nurses, doctors, and other medical staff working for the NHS during the pandemic, and I hope that my contributions to medical engineering, however large or small, will aid these key stakeholders.
  7. Is there anything in particular that KPE does that has impressed you?
    KPE has impressed me with its effective communication both within the company and with its clients, with the attention to detail displayed by every staff member on a daily basis, and by how friendly and welcoming all the staff have been towards me in my first week, which helped quickly settle my nerves and has made each workday both enjoyable and productive.

Welcome aboard the good ship Kirkstall Precision Mathew, everyone is looking forward to seeing what you are capable of.