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How Kirkstall Precision Engineering is helping with the demand for surgical procedures

According to reports in the press recently, around 5 million people are currently awaiting surgical procedures in the UK, largely because of the backlog created by the recent global pandemic.

A large proportion of this demand is for replacement surgery so people can lead better and more fulfilling lives. From replacement hips to knee joints and shoulder joints, the use of artificial implants has long seen people who suffer from such conditions as osteoarthritis be able to go on to live a life that is pain free again.

Kirkstall’s long tradition of precision medical engineering

We’ve long had a tradition of creating medical instruments used in implant surgical procedures. It started with hip replacements made from titanium alloys and if we fast forward to today, we now manufacture a wide range of instruments in a range of high-strength alloys and are now venturing into plastic.

But our help for surgeons doesn’t just start and end with orthoepic instruments. We also assist in the design for manufacture and manufacture a range of tools to help in actual surgical procedures. From knee braces to hold the knee in position during surgery to spinal braces and even bone injectors. We also work with surgeons direct to produce prototypes of tools they feel will be beneficial during surgery, in fact you could say, for many surgeons, we are the go-to manufacturer to help them with any idea they have to help when it comes to decreasing the backlog of surgical procedures.

Talking about the work we do, our MD, Adam Thornton, commented that: “Our long-established history of creating a wide range of tools, implants and braces for surgical procedures has gained us a solid reputation in the medical precision engineering sector, and the power of word-of-mouth amongst medical device companies and surgeons themselves has meant that our precision engineering skills are called upon often to create both simple and complex solutions to modern surgical needs.”

Surgical knee brace

The right team, processes and machinery to deliver for surgical procedures

A long-established history is one thing, but being ready for the requirements of modern surgical procedures is another, speaking about this challenge, Kirkstall’s Operations Director, Iqbal Bahia, commented that:

“My focus for Kirkstall has been ensuring that our internal processes, people, machinery and facilities comply to some of the most stringent standards required worldwide by our customers. We have invested significant amounts in this area, from a new ERP system to training for our people and ensuring that we achieve high scores in any International Organization for regulatory certification that is required, and in this respect our best-in-class ISO achievements are what makes other companies in our field envious as we go above and beyond every day, in everything we do, to ensure these high standards are maintained and exceeded where possible.”

Proud to be doing our bit for surgical procedures

The demand for our offering here at Kirkstall Precision Engineering will only increase as people, and animals, live longer and are backed by enhanced medical and veterinary insurance policies that covers the cost of implants and surgical procedures.

Our commitment to helping in the medical sector runs deep here at Kirkstall, it’s the reason why we did everything we could to help provide ventilator parts during the pandemic. And as the country faces a demand for surgical procedures, we are proud to be able to do our bit again by helping surgeons and medical device manufacturers up and down the country and even abroad.

Improving quality of life globally by the services we offer gives us the inspiration we desire to drive us forward at Kirkstall Precision.