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GF Medical Manufacturing Event: Kirkstall Precision’s thoughts on an inspiring trip

In the dynamic field of medical device and implant manufacturing, staying at the forefront of technological and process innovation is not just ideal but essential. Our recent visit to GF Machining Solutions in Biel, Switzerland, afforded us a deep dive into the current and future landscape of medical manufacturing.

Led by our CEO Adam Thornton and Manufacturing Director Craig Dowling, the business trip was an illuminating experience, filled with insights, innovation, and invaluable connections.

Innovations at GF Machining Solutions

The heart of our visit was the exposure to GF’s groundbreaking technologies and their application in the medical field. Craig was particularly impressed with GF’s medical-based products, highlighting the use of advanced software and strategies, including the utilisation of 5-axis machines. 

The ability of these machines to perform complex functions with heightened accuracy and efficiency underscored the potential leaps in productivity and quality Kirkstall Precision can achieve.

A standout feature for Craig was the high-precision machinery boasting larger pallet capacities within smaller machine footprints, combined with increased spindle speeds for more rapid, higher output processes. 

Furthermore, the integration of CNC grinding into milling machines showcased an innovative step forward, illustrating GF’s commitment to versatile, multifunctional solutions.

Collaborative approaches and technical mastery

One of GF’s most impressive aspects was their turnkey solutions, demonstrated live on their machines. This practical showcase of their capacity to handle technically challenging jobs, in collaboration with their customers, resonated with our philosophy at Kirkstall Precision. 

It emphasised the importance of a cohesive approach to solving complex manufacturing issues, an ethos we continually embody in our operations.

From Adam’s perspective, the trip provided a panoramic view of GF’s dedication to achieving precision excellence. Every stage of the machine build process, particularly in the engineering of intricate medical devices, was a testament to their meticulous attention to detail and quality. 

Adam highlighted GF’s openness and collaborative mindset as a major driver for improving both processes and product quality, aligning closely with our core values at Kirkstall Precision.

Learning from experts

Beyond the machinery and technologies, the interactions with GF’s team were exceptionally enriching. Adam and Craig were particularly struck by their informative nature and the depth of knowledge they shared. 

Erik Poulsen, Medical Market Segment Manager, stood out with his passion and understanding of the medical industry, providing deeper insights into market needs and trends. These interactions weren’t just educational; they inspired a sense of community and shared goals within the industry.

Integrating learning into action

Our time at GF Machining Solutions wasn’t merely observational but a catalyst for strategic thinking and implementation. This visit reinvigorated our commitment to harnessing the latest technologies and processes. 

The knowledge and insights gained will be pivotal in enhancing our current methods, ensuring that our products not only meet but exceed the evolving standards and expectations of the medical device and implant industry.

A forward-looking perspective

The visit to GF Machining Solutions represents more than a learning experience; it signifies a stepping stone towards future endeavors in medical manufacturing. As we continue to innovate and grow at Kirkstall Precision, our focus remains on elevating our craft to new heights, integrating cutting-edge technologies, and fostering collaborative relationships. 

Inspired by GF’s advancements and approach, we’re poised to not just respond to the future but actively shape it, continuing our 35 plus year history of excellence and innovation in the medical device and implants manufacturing sector.