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Access FactoryMaster and Kirkstall Precision: Revolutionising Manufacturing Processes

In the world of medical device manufacturing, precision and compliance are crucial. At Kirkstall Precision Engineering, our collaboration with Access FactoryMaster MRP is a key part of how we’re evolving. This partnership is more than just using new technology; it’s about transforming the way we work. It’s helped us become more efficient and maintain the high standards needed for medical devices. This move shows our commitment to being at the forefront of the industry, using technology to improve our processes and products.

Kirkstall Precision’s journey with FactoryMaster

Our journey with Access FactoryMaster MRP has been a game-changer in how we manufacture medical device components. Our CEO, Adam Thornton, highlighted in a case study video that before FactoryMaster, we struggled with slow operations and issues in traceability, which are vital factors in the medical device industry. 

Adam said, “Our previous system affected our business. It was slow, and we struggled at customer and auditing stages.” Embracing FactoryMaster has drastically improved our efficiency and traceability, addressing these critical challenges and propelling us forward in our industry.

Building on from where Adam Thornton left off, Jeremy Wisner, our Production Planning Manager, played a pivotal role in implementing FactoryMaster at Kirkstall Precision. Jeremy, with his rich background as a lead consultant for the Access Group and experience in aerospace, brought deep insights into FactoryMaster’s capabilities, especially in quality management. 

He described how FactoryMaster covers the entire order-to-cash cycle, from customer inquiries and detailed quoting to manufacturing and dispatching the final product, complete with all necessary certificates and release notes. This comprehensive approach has significantly streamlined our manufacturing processes, ensuring each step is meticulously tracked and managed for the highest quality output.

Key Features of FactoryMaster in Kirkstall’s Operations:

FactoryMaster MRP has become an integral component of our operations at Kirkstall Precision, bringing a host of benefits that have revolutionised the way we approach manufacturing. Here are some of the key features and their impact on our processes:

Enhanced Traceability and Quality Management: As emphasised by Jeremy Wisner, our Production Planning Manager, FactoryMaster’s robust quality management capabilities have been crucial. It ensures that every stage of manufacturing meets the high standards required in medical device production, thereby significantly enhancing our traceability and quality control.

Seamless Quote to Cash Cycle: The system has streamlined our entire process, from initial customer enquiries to the final product delivery. This seamless integration ensures accuracy and efficiency at every step, as Jeremy detailed, covering everything from quoting to manufacturing, and final dispatch and invoicing.

Data-Driven Decision Making: FactoryMaster’s ability to collect and analyse data throughout the manufacturing process has been invaluable. It allows us to make informed commercial decisions around job profitability and to optimise our operations, responding proactively to market conditions and customer needs.

Inventory Management and Shop Floor Data Capture: The software provides sophisticated tools for inventory management and real-time data capture on the shop floor. These features help in maintaining accurate stock levels, managing resources effectively, and ensuring a smooth flow of production.

Quality Assurance and Compliance: Meeting the highest standards of quality and compliance is made easier with FactoryMaster. It supports the rigorous demands of the medical device sector, ensuring that our products consistently meet the necessary specifications and regulatory requirements.

Incorporating FactoryMaster into our operations has not only enhanced our manufacturing efficiency but has also played a pivotal role in elevating Kirkstall Precision’s standing in the medical device manufacturing industry.

Kirkstall’s transformative journey

Reflecting on our transformative journey with Access FactoryMaster, CEO Adam Thornton summarises the impact succinctly: “FactoryMaster has revolutionised how we operate, especially in traceability and decision-making. It’s accelerated our growth, especially in the medical device arena, setting us apart as a leader in the industry.” This leap forward in manufacturing and quality assurance has notably expanded our capabilities, including ISO 13485 accreditation for medical design and implant manufacturing.

To gain deeper insights into how Kirkstall Precision and Access FactoryMaster are revolutionising medical device manufacturing, we invite you to watch the full case study video, where Adam Thornton and Jeremy Wisner share their experiences and the remarkable journey of technological integration and advancement.