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A Year in Review: Celebrating Jeremy Wisner’s Journey at Kirkstall Precision Engineering

At Kirkstall Precision Engineering (KPE), we take great pride in our team’s accomplishments. Today, we shine a spotlight on one such achievement: the one-year work anniversary of our dedicated Planning Manager, Jeremy Wisner. His relentless dedication to his role is marked by an incredible 200-mile round trip three times a week – a true testament to his commitment to KPE.

To honour this milestone, we sat down with Jeremy for a comprehensive conversation about his experience at KPE over the past year.

Q: Jeremy, you commute 200 miles round trip three days a week, what is it about KPE that makes it worth it?

Jeremy: “From my initial interaction with Iqbal and Adam, I admired their ambition and the clear vision they had for KPE. I was fortunate to lead the project when they made the bold move to implement Access FactoryMaster as our ERP infrastructure. The sheer potential KPE has to become an industry benchmark is captivating. Being able to contribute to that development and growth is incredibly fulfilling and makes the commute absolutely worth it.”

Q: You’ve been with KPE for a year now. Could you tell us about your journey and what you’ve found impressive about the organisation?

Jeremy: “The past year at KPE has been an enriching journey. Being part of such a highly-focused team has made time fly by incredibly quickly. There are several aspects that have caught my attention since I’ve joined.

Firstly, the management group at KPE strikes a perfect balance between ambition and alignment. They are clear about our objectives and ensure daily communication with the wider team.

Secondly, there is a deep-seated understanding of the critical value of our FactoryMaster ERP system. It forms the backbone of our operations, from quotation and order intake to shop floor data capture, quality management systems, dispatch, and performance analysis.

Lastly, I appreciate KPE’s commitment to developing future engineering talent through our apprentice program. While it sometimes presents challenges for my scheduling tasks, I believe it’s absolutely crucial for the future of manufacturing in the UK.”

Q: Can you share a few highlights of your past year at KPE?

Jeremy: “One of the most significant highlights has been seeing the ERP system become an integral part of our operations. It’s truly exciting to watch how it impacts almost all areas of the organisation.

Another noteworthy moment was witnessing the dedication and commitment to the apprentice program. The enthusiasm and skills these future engineers bring to the table are inspiring. It makes me hopeful and excited about the future of KPE and manufacturing in the UK as a whole.”

Q: What are you looking forward to in the coming year at KPE?

Jeremy: “The coming year is filled with exciting opportunities. I am eager to work with the team to delve deeper into our system data, gain more insights, and identify areas where we can improve. Our team is highly skilled and enthusiastic, and I look forward to harnessing that energy to ensure we are continuously improving.”

Jeremy’s passion and dedication are clear to see. His contributions over the past year have been pivotal in shaping KPE’s growth trajectory. As we celebrate his milestone, we also look forward to another year of shared success, growth, and the relentless pursuit of excellence at KPE. Congratulations, Jeremy, and here’s to many more years of progress and innovation!